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Phantom Flex

The Phantom Flex at Quench...

More than just a speciality camera, the Phantom Flex is designed with the cinematographer in mind and is a fantastic option for high-end work such as commercials, music videos, projections and digital cinema.  Complete with all the latest updates from Vision, our Phantom Flex offers unparalleled high speed camera image quality and flexibility that is invaluable to every slow motion shoot. 

With full on-camera controls and light weight, the Phantom Flex can be wire-free and instantly mobile – providing a smooth workflow on set and making this camera a popular choice for steadicam and jib work. Our CineMags enable us to shoot without the hindrance of download times – meaning we can capture even more shots for your money.

Once again, Phantom’s makers (Vision Research) have produced Academy Award® winning technology – and with Quench Studios, it’s now more affordable than ever.  Seriously, give us a bell! – we think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised!


So why is the Phantom Flex so great? 

Here are some of its key benefits…


Light sensitivity

Are you used to being blinded by the light on high speed shoots?  Well the Phantom Flex offers revolutionary increased light sensitivity in the slow motion world – which means an awful lot to DOPs, gaffers and budget-savvy production managers alike!   Compared with the HD Gold’s 320 ISO for example, its younger sibling the Phantom Flex has a ground-breaking rating of 1000 ISO.  In reality, this gains you an extra ….. stops and offers flexibility like never before; after all, lower light requirements means you can shoot longer days on location and hire a lot less (big, bulky, expensive and power hungry-) lamps for your studio shoot.

No longer will your model be fried, your packshot product melted or your clients’ eyesight impaired – hurrah!


Frame rate

Previously only possible on scientific cameras at low resolutions, the Phantom Flex offers up to 2570 fps at full HD quality (1920 x 1080), and up to 1455 fps at wonderful 2.5K resolution.  And for when you need even more frames per second – maybe for an engineering application or an explosion - the Phantom Flex can film a whopping 10750 fps at 640 x 480.



With a 35mm depth of field, and using an electronic global shutter that eradicates rolling artefacts for cleaner images, the Phantom Flex has an impressive maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440.  This provides fantastic image quality for cinematic and other large screen applications, as well as great ‘zoom’/cropping potential for lower resolution projects (eg. straight HD for TV, and even greater scope for web videos etc).


Dual quality modes

The Phantom Flex offers two shooting modes – ‘standard quality’ (SQ) and ‘high quality’ (HQ).  Don’t worry, it’s still wonderful in standard mode, it just surpasses itself in its HQ setting!  As always, there’s a trade off with frame rate for this ultra amazing, environmentally stable image quality (725 fps at 2.5K, 1275 fps at 1920 x 1080) - but here the Phantom Flex really is living up to its name; phenomenal frame rate or stunning image quality, the choice is for once in the client’s hands.

Standard quality (SQ) mode:
A fantastic general purpose mode, SQ offers a maximum frame rate at full resolution (2560 x 1600) of 1455 fps - and a mightily impressive 2570 fps at full HD (1920 x 1080).  For full specs please see Phantom Flex Specifications

High quality (HQ) mode:
In the HQ setting, Vision Research's proprietary image enhancement technology enables stable blacks, low noise levels and even higher dynamic range.  Its electronic image stability also enables repeatable shots at all settings without having to perform black references prior to each shot – thus speeding up the filming process on set. Whilst the maximum frame rates in HQ mode are half those in SQ setting, 1275 fps at 1920 x 1080 (2640 fps at 1280 x 720) is still very impressive!

One simple ‘All You Can Eat’ Phantom Flex hire package includes:


  • 32 Gb Phantom Flex 2K camera (2570 fps at 1080p, 5350 fps at 720p, 1455 fps at 2560x1600px)
  • 1000 ASA
  • Sony C35 viewfinder
  • 2x 256 Gb CineMag
  • 5.6" TV Logic monitor
  • Zeiss/Duclos prime lens set (Nikon mount) - 21, 28, 35, 50, 85, 100mm
  • 120-300mm f2.8 zoom
  • PL and Nikon mount options (production to supply PL lenses)
  • Miller legs and fluid head
  • Arri riser, sliding plate, 15mm bars
  • Hawk-Woods battery system and charger


  • Phantom tech/operator
  • Assistant/DIT

Transcoding (included)

  • Supply of .cine raws and transcoding into whatever format you require (Prores, DNxHD, DNG. etc.)
  • Loaned hard drive


  • 10 hour working day (ask us about extra hours)
  • Travel time is generally included within 100 mile radius/approx. 2 hour commute (this includes: central London, Southampton, Bristol, Manchester, Cambridge, Cardiff etc). Fuel is charged at cost. We’re happy to travel internationally (and we’ll even give you a discount for block bookings) – please ask for details.

Full Phantom Flex specification


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