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The IDT Redlake Y5

Like all high speed camera manufacturers, Redlake Digital Imaging Systems began making slow motion cameras for scientific applications.  Indeed, with its small size, low weight and increased frame rate possibilities, our Redlake Y5 lends itself particularly well to engineering and analysis jobs.  Shock resistant to withstand 100G, it is even ideal for some locations where you may otherwise hesitate to put a slow motion camera!  However, with the Redlake Y5, the manufacturers bridged over into the media and cinematic industry as well – most notably with the filming of The Hurt Locker in 2008. 

Nowadays, Quench Studios are able to offer this high speed camera as a more affordable option for enginnering analysis as well as low budget broadcast TV, promos and virals.

The Redlake Y5 can film at up to 30,000 frames per second (at reduced resolution) as well as 800 fps at HD 1080p and 700fps at 2K. This high speed camera also has a “plus” mode – increasing the frame rate to 1500 fps at HD 1080.  This is achieved by some clever in-camera interpolation and has been used for broadcast a number of times.  However, like most things in life, you don’t get something for nothing – image quality is slightly reduced.

The Redlake Y5 is mains powered and always tethered to a laptop, and whilst footage is instantly reviewable, if you choose to keep it there’s a short pause between takes as we download the shot (this is a different workflow from our Phantom Flex and Phantom HD Gold).

The Redlake Y5 high speed camera comes with a selection of very fast C-mount lenses but we have adapters enabling us to put on your favourite primes too – anything from Nikon to PL.

One simple ‘All You Can Eat’ Package includes:

  • 8 Gb Redlake Y5 camera (800 fps at 1080p / 1200 fps at 720p / 700 fps at 2k)    
  • Laptop
  • Technician/operator and assistant
  • Supply of .Tiff sequences (250Gb included)
  • Manfrotto legs and head
  • Selection of C-mount lenses including 25mm and 50mm primes, 22-90mm and 70-210mm zooms
  • PL, F, Canon EOS, Olympus and M42 lens mount adapters
  • 10 hour working day (ask us about extra hours)
  • Travel is generally included within 100 mile radius/approx. 2 hour commute (this includes: London, Manchester, Bristol, Southampton, Cambridge, Cardiff etc)


  Phantom Flex high speed camera hire
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